Privacy Policy For The Token Sale

Last Updated:
June 2021

As part of the Token Sale process, Idexo Limited (the “Company”) may request certain information from you, such as your name, address, tax information, your other user credentials and additional user information, as well as additional information in order to verify your identity (your “User Credentials”). This may require the Company to request documents to include, but not be limited to, certified copies of documents verifying: (i) your identity; (ii) your address; (iii) the source of your wealth; (iv) the source of funds used for the purposes of acquiring Tokens; and (v) any other documents or data from which you can be identified. Your User Credentials, additional user information as well as the items referred to in sub-paragraphs (i) to (v) of this paragraph shall hereinafter be referred to as your “Personal Data”.

The Company will not disclose your Personal Data except as expressly permitted under the terms and conditions applicable to the Token Sale (the “Terms”) and otherwise only with you prior consent. However, the Company may be required to disclose your Personal Data and/or certain other information about you to relevant competent authorities to the extent required by law or by an Order of a Court or competent authority. By accepting the Terms, you will expressly agree and consent to your Personal Data being disclosed to such third parties to any extent required for the purposes of compliance with applicable law.

The Company will process your Personal Data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2004, as may be amended (the “Data Protection Act”), and you agree that the Company, as the data controller, may directly or through the Company’s service providers or agents process your Personal Data for any one or more of the following purposes:

the purchase of the Tokens pursuant to the Terms;

providing you with information about the Company and its products and range of services;
compliance with relevant ‘Know Your Client’ and Anti-Money Laundering requirements under applicable law;

  • Management of enquiries and complaints;
  • Processing of transactions related to the Token Sale;
  • Opening, maintaining or operating a bank account in the Company’s name;
  • Subject to the contents of this ‘Privacy Policy’ section, resolving any disputes with you;
  • Producing summary information for statistical, regulatory and audit purposes; or
    any other reasonable purposes in accordance with applicable law.

Under the Data Protection Act you have a right to access your Personal Data held by the Company, and it is your responsibility to inform the Company of any changes to your Personal Data to ensure such data remains accurate. You also have a right to object to your Personal Data being processed for the purposes of direct marketing. You agree to provide a written request to the Company should you wish to enforce these rights.

You agree that the Company may, for the purposes set out above, permit the transfer of your Personal Data to any jurisdiction, whether or not inside the European Economic Area, and that by accepting the Terms you will be authorizing and expressly consent to the processing of your Personal Data by the Company, its agents and/or its service providers, provided that where your Personal Data is processed by entities other than the Company, its agents or its service providers, the Company shall seek your prior written consent in respect of such processing.

You acknowledge, accept and understand that the Terms, insofar as they relate to the controlling and processing of your Personal Data by the Company and/or its agents or service providers will only be relevant to the processing of your Personal Data for the purposes set out above, and that you may be requested to sign and/or agree to a separate and additional agreement and/or additional terms and conditions (any of these a “Supplementary Agreement” and together “Supplementary Agreement(s)”) in order to access any future business platform of the Company or service or application and/or use the Tokens and/or provide or receive the Token utility or otherwise use and interact with the Company’s business platform. Such Supplementary Agreement(s) will govern the Terms under which your Personal Data is collected, stored and processed (as well as your individual rights under applicable data protection laws) in connection with your use of the Company’s business platform and/or the Tokens.